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Mission Statement

We as an Indian (Métis) Tribal council are resolved to revive our Indian

Heritage and enable our future generations to continue our traditional

and Spiritual culture.


We will educate people in the Medicine Wheel way, which teaches harmony

between the cultures and we will continue to teach our people

(band members) to respect these ways.


We will establish communication with all members of government, State and

Federal and we will teach our people to continue to have a good rapport with

these entities.


We will establish programs to ensure that our tribal members live at an

elevated social standard, that our elders again gain their importance,

that our women gain their respect and that our young people learn respect.


We will show that Indian/Métis People have lived in this (York County Maine)

area as members of a community, working and living as a community.


We will enact provisions that establish Indian blood lines within each

member of our band.


We as an Indian community will ensure our peoples security and we will

ensure that all treaties past and present are respected and adhered to.

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