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Who we are 
We are the Métis Eastern Tribal Indian Society of Maine. 
Métis are mixed blood people with aboriginal (First Nations) ancestry. 
      We are one band of Métis people located in the North East USA, 
including but not limited to the state of Maine.  
The word "Métis" is  French and is most often associated with 
people of mixed Aboriginal/French ancestry, but, historically 
includes people of aboriginal and all non-aboriginal ancestry. 
The Métis of Maine may include anyone with First Nations ancestry, 
and ancestry from  any other part of the world. 
Please look around and if you have any questions about the Métis of Maine, 
or you would like to apply for membership (Please read our bylaws), 
please contact us. 
If you would like more information on Métis people, Métis History etc. 
We recommend you visit The Other Métis Website. 
They have volumes of information available.  

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